Truro Loft Conversions and Renovation

Truro Loft Conversions are fast becoming the most popular of all conversions. Loft conversions are one of the most simple and cost-effective means of increasing the size, livability and value of your home

Truro Loft Conversions can be created for many uses including a Master Suite Bedroom, Kids Room, Home Office or a Guest Room. Some homes are converted to flats and even Kitchens and Living areas can be installed within the attic.

Truro building contractors team can build a new Truro Loft Conversion within a few weeks. They specialize in Loft Conversions in Cornwall and are highly skilled at constructing new Lofts.

The team keep the mess to a minimum by accessing the Truro Cornwall Loft Conversion area from outside the roof using the scaffolding for access. They use this area for access until they fully complete the Loft Conversion and lastly install the new staircase. This method keeps dust levels low and eliminate the need to transfer tools and dirt through the property.

Truro loft conversions

Is My Roof Suitable for a loft conversion?

Most roofs can be converted as long as there is sufficient head room. A minimum height of at least 2.2 meters is required from floor to roof spine. If the height is low then we can still install a Loft Conversion by lowering the ceilings below to achieve more headroom above.

Types of Loft Conversions

Loft conversions fall into one of four basic types.

Velux- A Velux Loft Conversion is one of the easiest ways to convert your wasted roof space into a useable space for any number of purposes. Velux roof windows are designed to fit flush with your current roof line which leaves your existing structure as is with minor outdoor work required.

Dormer- The most common type of Truro Loft Conversion is a Dormer Loft conversion because it offers the most space when converting your roof space to a living space. A Dormer Loft Conversion is where we make an extension to your existing slopping roof which projects vertically out to create the new living space. Inside, the Dormer Loft Conversion has vertical walls and horizontal ceilings creating more space than the normal angled walls that you would typically expect with a loft Conversion.

Mansard- The Mansard Loft Conversion Cornwall offers a more traditional extension to your home and frees up large area for family rooms and large master bedrooms with en-suites. A Mansard has a flat roof area and is usually situated at the back of your home with a back sloping roof as shown. The slopping back roof usually has windows installed but a mansard offers many alternatives and is one of the most versatile Loft Conversions available.

Hip to Gable- Another popular option is to carry out a hip-to-gable loft conversion. This involves converting the hip (sloped) side of the roof into a flat edge which provides additional space inside the loft.

Effective, extensive and efficient Cornwall loft conversion

We are offering you our extensive, effective and extremely efficient loft conversion options within the area of Truro Cornwall, its surroundings, the South West of England. Lofts and attics are the places that nowadays become often remodeled, or converted in order to provide both additional house space and also to allow for excellent living and working conditions.

If you would like to convert your old and unused loft or attic space into a decent, intimate and modern place – you have come to right place! Our years-long experience in providing loft conversions, attic conversions and barn conversions Truro Cornwall of various complexity levels allows us to offer professional and durable solutions and ideas supported by extremely low and attractive prices.

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