Truro Building Extensions, Additions and Renovations

Truro building extensions builders offer customers a wide range of House Extension services including amazing ideas for house extensions. Our team of Builders in Truro Cornwall have over the years managed to gain a reputable reputation when it comes down to any type of Truro House Extension work for clients.

House extensions are a great way of gaining extra space in your home and are generally a more affordable and less disruptive alternative to moving. The main consideration when planning your house extension project is the local planning guidelines, on which we have hands-on knowledge and experience. Other considerations will be the type of property you live in, your budget for the project and what you want to achieve from the space.

Truro building extensions will add to the space you have around your house can be the start of something totally amazing and it can be used for almost everything and anything. Truro Builders have the technical knowledge and know how that can be used to fully utilize the space that is found around your house.

Ensuring that you get the most out of your house

Adding a new Truro House Extension is a good solution for a bigger, more modern kitchen or a newer lounge. A Truro Cornwall House Extension can be designed to create an amazing Living area to entertain and Dine or perhaps even office space for a home business.

  • living room extensions
  • Truro building extensions
  • bathroom extensions
  • corridor extensions
  • basement extensions
  • kitchen extensions
  • garage extensions
  • bedroom extensions
  • loft & attic conversions
  • anteroom extensions
  • and more

Helping you plan, design and deliver whatever house extensions you need

The current financial situation has forced many people to take a fresh look at their home construction and home improvement plans. People want to make room for a new kitchen or convert an existing garage into a living room or extend the house on the vacant open space at the rear of the house. Truro building extensions are perfect for this venture to add space, light or even a new family room to your existing property..

Whatever the plan may be, any renovation or extension, requires a meticulous planning, accurate estimation, approval from regulatory authorities and completing the extension in time within the estimated cost. We, in Truro Builders, will be able to help you to do the same.

We have the skill and the experience

Truro building extensionsAll Truro Cornwall house extension works are performed by our most skilled and experienced specialists. We deal with pre-extension works such as expertise of your place, creating CAD drawings, designs and plans in order to properly assess, organise and arrange the time-schedule for the subsequent site extension.

We provide Truro building extensions for both houses, flats, semi-detached houses, detached houses and terraced houses. We use up-to-date machinery, devices and safety precautions for the complex and comprehensive extension works.

The advantages of getting a home extension in Truro include

  • Space addition in your property
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Enjoy more

We offer our extension services and Truro new home builders contracting services, all over Truro Cornwall, the South West of England and know the area well. Contact us in order to get a full technical and logistic support concerning prices, methods, materials and other issues that are important for you.

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