Bathroom Remodeling Truro Cornwall

At Truro Builders we can also offer our clients a wide range of Bathroom remodeling Truro options, from overhaul to complete renovation. Over the years our well trained bathroom remodelers and builders have gained a wide range of knowledge and experience with regards to Bathrooms in the Truro Cornwall area.

Our knowledge and bespoke products only get better and better with each passing year and that is why we have had a successful stream of recommendations from Truro area residents due to the high quality of our work.

We believe that the area inside your bathroom is the start of everything, we have the skill that is required to make sure that any empty space within your bathroom is fully utilised to make sure that you enjoy every moment of being in there.  Bathroom remodeling Truro will not only add hours of joy to your life but it is also a great way for you to add extra value for your house.

bathroom remodeling Truro

What does bathroom remodeling include?

We can help with every aspect of your new bathroom remodeling Truro projects, from the initial stages when you first decide it’s time to change your bathroom, to sourcing your tiles, helping you choose shower mixers or bath tubs etc, right through to the bathroom ‘hand over’ at the end of the job.

Other services in bathroom remodeling include removal and dispose wall and floor tiles; removal and dispose units: bath, toilet, washbasin; plumbing for new bath , toilet, washbasin and radiator and installation of all units; tiling all walls and floor; building bath panel and tile over; fitting bath screen; fitting accessories.

Install a Wet Room

At Truro Builders we can install a wet room for you during your bathroom remodeling Truro project.  A wet room is a waterproof bathroom; its usual feature is a walk-in shower that is leveled with the floor. Wet rooms are among the most popular bathroom upgrade.

Wet room are not simply stunning and stylish feature of you home, but are also considered safer, easier to maintain and more reliable than a conventional showers. By converting you bathroom to a shower room, you not only add sophistication to you home, but a real value too.  Maybe you should also think about a kitchen remodeling Truro project as well.  Truro builders are you one stop contractor for all your home renovation needs.

To ensure a highest standard, which is vital for wet room installation, please call us now at 01872 672011 and we’ll ensure you get yours at a reasonable price too.