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Truro Builder is an established company that has now been in business for over 15 years.  We have in total more than 100 years of experience and use exclusively master tradesmen to help us with any Truro building service within the Truro Cornwall area.

We at Truro builders offer Residential Developments such as extensions, loft conversions, barn conversions, bathroom remodeling, and kitchen remodeling as well as new home builds.

We have over the years managed to accumulate a large amount of knowledge about this industry. This has then served us at every job we have performed. We always make sure that any job we are contracted to do is completed to the highest standards.

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Truro Builders Commitment To Quality

The quality of our Truro builder and contractor work will never drop regardless of the size of complexity of the job in hand.

We only use the most up to date techniques, materials and tools to help us complete jobs and hit every single requirement set by the customer.

Truro building contractors incorporate the latest in interior designs, lighting, types of floors and highest energy rated fittings.  Our design philosophy includes the latest concepts in ‘green urban homes of tomorrow’ and environmentally friendly materials without compromising the elegance and beauty.

Interior Design Concepts

Our Truro builder interior design concepts takes advantage of the natural lighting, airflow, shading of the house etc, that keeps the house warm during winter and cool in summer.  We also include rainwater harvesting, grey water storage and utilizing for gardening etc.

We work all around Truro and Cornwall and the South West of England and know the area well. We know the property types, the particular challenges, and the requirements of building and renovation projects in the region.  We know the periods, we know the architecture, we know the planning system and regulations.

Local Builders in Truro

We at Truro builder all live and work in the area so can appreciate the specific challenges you might face. We can also appreciate the character of buildings in the area, which allows us to design high-quality interiors and manage the requirements of the 21st century with the needs of traditional or historic buildings.

This combination allows us to provide a very high quality finish to any project we undertake.  Local Truro builders also offer a more personal service. We aren’t just your contractor, we’re your neighbors too.

We know the people, the area, other tradesmen, suppliers and everyone we need to get the job done on time and on budget. When it comes to building projects, local knowledge pays, literally.

Services We Offer In Truro and all of Cornwall

Barn Conversions Truro Cornwall

Bathroom Remodeling Truro Cornwall

Kitchen Remodeling Truro Cornwall

Extensions Truro Cornwall

Loft Conversions Truro Cornwall

New Home Builders Truro Cornwall

Our Truro Building Contractors Process

Initial meeting Our Truro builder estimator arrives on the agreed date and time – to discuss the project requirements with you and carry out an initial survey.

Prepare the quote Based on the discussion with you and the initial survey we prepare a quote and send it to you – normally via email.

Follow up If you haven’t contacted us already, we will call you to find out if you received the quote, if we included all the necessary works and if it was within your expectations. If you are happy with the quote, starting date is fixed.

Works starting date We will call you few days in advance to confirm the starting date. Before or on the starting date we will kindly ask you for a deposit – this will cover initial costs for skip, basic materials, scaffolding. Normally first job is to clear the site – removal of all finishes, demolition. All your personal items from the site should have been removed already.

As the works progress Our project manager will be visiting the site frequently, checking the progress, discussing all arising questions, issues with you – making sure we follow your vision exactly as you specified it. Stage payments will be collected on a weekly basis.

Finishing – As we get near to the completion of any Truro builder project, any remaining finishing touches will be carried out. Once completed and you are happy with the result, final payment will be collected.

Feedback – Our ultimate goal is a happy customer – if there is something that we could improve on we would kindly ask you for your feedback. We know that good references are essential for our business growth.

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